How to kidnap a girl in the full version of Yandere Simulator

In Yandere Simulator, kidnapping is a special way to make a student your mind slave. It is very easy to kidnap a girl in the most current build. Today, I’ll show you how to kidnap a girl when the final version of the game is out.

First, you need to pick a victim (Saki Miyu is the most common victim for kidnapping. She can be debugged to be your mind slave. In the final game, you may not have options to the debug menu.) Then, you need to get the syringe and the tranquilizer. This is located in the Nurse’s Office. In Yandere Vision, the nurse has a red silhouette,which shows a sign that she is hostile to winning the game. The nurse will always guard her office, making it tough to sneak your way in. To get her out of the office, you must first poison a student’s lunch. (The kidnapping process might have to be done after morning classes.) When the Nurse is out of her office, you can easily get the required items. Make sure no one sees you with the syringe in hand, or they consider it a weapon, since it has a needle. Lead your victim towards the northwest storage room. This is located near the Cooking Club, and has a black box there. In the full game, you need to take enough panty shots so you will be able to get Info-chan to provide that box in the room. Close the door. Take out the syringe and then press the button on your keyboard or controller to attack the student. Drag them towards the box, and you will see the “Dump” option. Dump the student in the box, and wait until the day ends. Oh, and one more thing. Make sure your Biology grade is high enough. In the most current build, you can use a special key on the keyboard to raise the amount of study points you put in that skill. This will not be available in the final game. (If you want to be safe, make sure you don’t have a syringe on you, just in case you commited other murders, and didn’t dispose of the corpse or weapon, or get rid of the blood. Empty the bucket, if the water starts turning red. Students and teachers might be suspicious of that, and they will think someone was murdered. This is only optional, if you didn’t dispose of the proof that you murder other students.)

This is my guide on how to kidnap a girl when the game is done in 2019. Have a wonderful time killing, and getting your Senpai.


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