How to eliminate your rivals using the new elimination methods

Wow, it’s been a long time since I made a post! After I heard about the newest ways to kill Kokona-chan, I was really excited to try them out, and the result was so satisfying! Here is my guide on how to eliminate your rivals using buckets.


This first one is very unique, but I recommend doing so when there are no witnesses, unless you prefer a whole audience getting to see the magic. You must head towards the garden, and find the jerry can next to the wood chipper. Fill the bucket next to the jerry can with gasoline, and then take a few panty shots, or use the debug menu to give yourself 17 by pressingĀ P. Take your bucket of gasoline along with your box of matches. You have to be really precise with this one. Press left Ctrl or RB on whatever your using to play the game. Make sure you are facing Kokona. You will “accidentally” splash her with gasoline, and while she is still standing there, take your matches, and throw one at her. Kokona will set on fire, and will eventually die from burning along with some cries of pain. Her corpse is black instead of it’s usually colors. That’s the first way. Now onto the second way.

This one’s a little easier. First, go over to the track. You will see a placeholder club leader there along with some dumbbells and a bucket. Put all five of them into the bucket, but make sure your physical education or strength is high enough, or Yandere-chan will not be able to carry the bucket. Make sure it’s Monday too. Then, go to the rooftop, and stand where Kokona takes her phone call at 7:30 A.M. You will have the option to drop the bucket on her, which will kill her.


Here are the newest ways to kill Kokona in the June 15th 2016 build. I hope you enjoyed.




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